Yes, this business can offer a way walk away from the daily grind, make a few extra bucks  or create your own job. You are well acquainted with most of this stuff we sell day in and day out. We have learned how to make money with stuff that's a problem for someone. ("One mans junk is another mans treasure"..its soooo true.) The secrets we have learned are the guarded secrets the big thrift stores don't want you to know. Information provided will allow you to work for yourself making profits quickly and easily, and on a regular and ongoing basis. It can be used to supplement your income, start your very own small business or even create wealth.  

You can have one up on these popular TV shows. They pay for their stuff.  You will get your stuff for free, or better yet, get paid for to picking it up. Its like Storage Wars or Pickers but better!!!     

Selling everyday stuff/ junk you get for free, for a reasonable pricing helps you make money, helps others by making things they need more affordable, while adding value to mankind by keeping reusable stuff out of the landfills. Gives you untold options to help those in need.

Storage Wars /Pickers

Recycle, Reuse...

Want to earn some extra money part time, or create your own business, without virtually any money, no buying inventory,  Free advertising, low start up easy learning curve. We get paid to pick it up and again once we sell or recycle. We do this every day.

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Be The Boss
"How We Get Stuff for Free or Get Paid to Pick it Up"And
how we are able to double dip making $$$ w/ the stuff we get. 


How To Make Money With Junk

A small sample of items/ stuff we got this year.